But. ", (After killing a Zombie with an explosive weapon) Ohh, his death vas so.juicy. I cannot achieve pleasure vith zis!" The climate of zhis dimension is shtifiling. Only the Summoning Key can disable the cryo chamber containment field. So appallingly creamy! It vas an accident, honestly." -When killing/knifing zombies, He's going to bring it up. 5 Guys around children or die 6 He's headed went exploding joy 7 I am a native head 8 I am your master sky back 9 I bring an end to you 0 I can I am the victor - I could use some help here = I love then your head explodes q Ahh! I have long considered you a barbarian and a brute Is there more to you than that Nikolai? - Get the Fire Sale power up, "A gift from Sam!? But there can only be ONE!Said after hearing Groph for the first time. But. Of your group, you are the only one who seems to be able tzo hear me, so you must convince your deaf friends to heat up the obelisk! I WILL CONTROL THEM ALL! Wreaks havok on the pipes. Edit Edit source History Talk (0) Contents. -When killing/knifing zombies, I regret to inform you that your death came quickly. Think! We have a Keeper manifestation within the facility! Oh you can just f..fudge off box! Four. Here come the hellhounds!Said when a Hellhound round begins. Nikolai: None of you know what I have lived through. The road is long und dark, but I know where we are going. Dempsey: Element 115? Now only one remainsAfter destroying the Moon. That monkey was practically FAMILY to him!" He has no idea of what he will soon have to face. - Upon running out of ammo, "A future wizout bullets, is not a future I vish to see!" Such is lifeSaid whilst repairing barricades. Dempsey: I want to complete my mission and end this chaos once and for all. "Oooh, no honor for you!" - upon killing a zombie "Without ammo, I have no honor" - when out of ammo "Honor to the doctor!" - When looking at Richtofen's portrait "You kill me NO i kill you!" (when a zombie hits him) "Speed Cola, speed up your life." - after drinking Speed Cola "No ammo means no honor"-out of ammo "For the Emperor"- killing a zombie I am possesed by the power of THE EMPEROR . Richtofen: Yes. 2012-11-11 13:21:57. i will kill you! The Lafayette Escadrille (Documentary) 2010, Flying and Fighting for France, April, 1916 - December, 1917. Richtofen: In my possession is the most powerful artifact in this or any universe. ", "Is that all the damage those missiles did? I've seen my fair share of war. We must finish what we have started, und confront our fate above. - Get the Insta-Kill power up, "FIRE SALE! ", (After talking to a matryoshka doll)"I used to smash these things, just so I could see my sister cry. A vessel that will allow us to literally save our eternal souls. A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Sound Mod in the Character Voice category, submitted by HairyPairy Edward Richtofen as the Medic [Team Fortress 2] [Sound Mods] Ads keep us online. It just vent SPLAT!" This sounds BAD, LIKE NIKOLAI SINGING. AN UGLY ONE!!! "Aw, he looks soo cuteeI VANT ONE!" I don't like it ven zey lick me!" This drink is my favourite, I cannot express how much I enjoy it's invigorating taste and exceptional finish. Stay Back!Said after the Keeper teleports to Griffin Station. I have the bow. Let's be honest, who doesn't love a monkey?After obtaining a Monkey Bomb. Said when trying to use the Teleporter when it was recently used.Teleporter inactive, recharging. Gather and inscribe it.Said after six crawlers have been fed to the skulls. Excellent, It is all coming together now. -Attacked by a zombie, "I once poked someone's eye out with a rifle.. Alright, let's see what works around here.After turning on the power. Know this, your actions will not alter the outcome of the war!After the MPD teleports to Earth. Is that you?! Hate to see what it can do all powered up After picking up the Summoning Key from the MPD. Real cold. This sounds BAD, LIKE NIKOLAI SINGING. - Kill a zombie with the Ray Gun, "YES! Ha ha ha! Attention all stations! I refuse.When killing a zombie who previously damaged him. Its like MUSIC!! It seems the area is no longer secure.In response to Groph's suspicion. I despise monkeys, I SPANK them every chance I get. Tell them later, not now.Said whilst repairing a barricade. Untuk melihat detail lagu Richtofen Crazy Voice Lines klik salah satu judul yang cocok, kemudian untuk link download Richtofen Crazy Voice Lines ada di halaman berikutnya. Ahahaha Let's leave them to him", "Oh, an alley How quaint" - Open the door to the alley and walk out (When walking through the alley), "AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA, DIE!" After hearing Richtofen reply to Groph's question about what's going on down there.This guy a friend of yours, Richtofen? Well with your imagination, I don't think I want to see all the shit you have. Would you care to explain exactly what you are doing with a company of our enemies? Oh, goody goody! -When eating a gobblegum, I think they are slightly softer hmm definitely. At least Dr. Groph had set the coordinates correctly. "All I have left is mein knifethat means BLOOD! - Get an automatic weapon (Galil, Commando, etc. Ain't no better time to start puttin' em down!Said after picking up a Double Points power up. You have stopped nothing!Before the destruction of the moon. DEMPSEY?!?!?" It vould make my life so much easier. Soon. Would they just pick up where you left off? We will not fight that, will we?Said after activating the third painting for the Wolf Bow. -Upon getting Monkey Bombs, "I do not perform surgery vith a wooden spoon. Wait what am I saying "If only I had a third hand" that's insane. Uh we don't need the Moon, right? We may have escaped The Giant, but once again, we find ourselves face to face with another twisted incarnation of the German war machine. YES!" What happened to you Edward?! -jumping around on the moon base, Again With Ze Flopping Doctor - Get Phd Flopper, I Will Shoot Zem, IN THEIR EYES!!!! 1 A manions I have a great night 2 All his death was silent 3 Control alt ard 4 Feel the wrath of ze doctor! Ah, right. - Not wearing a PES in no air zones, WEEEEEE, I can bounce around like a free little bunny, WEEEEEE. There's a doll inside a doll inside a DOOLL!.Sounds perverse..! We must return return to the rocket to the earth by what ever means necessary. Fear not, Doctor Groph. Mein Gott! Attempts to recover the missing test subject have already hit a SNAFU. "Double Points! Oh Zere von't be a next time" - Headshot w/ L-115 or D-115, "Excuse me, I must vomit." - Get 3 kills w/ 1 shot, "OH JOY! What on earth is going on down there?Becoming suspicious of Richtofen at the beginning of round 7. With the very fabric of the universe itself at risk, looks like it's going to be another suicide mission for all of us: Nikolai, Richtofen, Takeo and me, "Tank" Dempsey. Its stomach? - Headshot a Nova Crawler, "OH! Ze dirty hairy little man things are taking my..things!" (Sarcastly) A big thingy like that other thingy. Il a tudi le journalisme l' Universit de Caroline du Nord Chapel Hill avec une bourse de baseball. "- when he shoots off a zombie's limb, " I cannot torture my minions without power. (Quietly) Ill cut your head off. OW!!! Setting a puny fire will not be enough. ", (When reviving Dempsey)"I will help you Dempsey, only because I will be the one who eats your liver! Oh I hope you did" - blow up both of a zombies legs with a grenade, NO TOUCH ZEE DE DOCTOR!! (Low laughing then he starts coughing then finishes laughing), (During the game over segment while Tank, Nikolai or Takeo has the stone) Now that you are done I'll be taking that. Ve have a specialon DEATH. (gettinng the Monkey bomb from the, This is not how I wish to die! -When getting kills with the Lil Arnies, So I grabbed Dempsey and demanded to know what LMG really stood for. Oh, it's justs a portrait. Yb Better + Ratio + Loud = funny bozos (Suggest sum stuff you would want me to upload in the comment. Also in the conversation with Dempsey. Nazi Zombies Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Uh, no no. (Low laughing then he starts coughing then finishes laughing), Now that you are done I'll be taking that. Six. It's now one knife to the throat! how much developer do i mix with l'oreal hicolor. ", "With zis the doctor can go a very long time!..Zhat turn you on?" Was that crazy evil Richtofen or this new man-with-a-plan Richtofen? 2013-09-29 18:11:45. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! This is und marathon. It seems that many people didn't really believe that the Germans would attack a luxury cruise ship because 1,959 people . (When the box gets a teddy bear) BOX, I hate you. ( After he switches souls with Samantha) "I WIN! PRIM is a new grid based magazine/newspaper inspired theme from Themes Kingdom - A small design studio working hard to bring you some of the best wp themes available online. Three. "', "Clean-up on aisle six!..Dempsey had an accident", "OHH! (recives 2x power-up), "I am so pleased, now DIE!!!!!" Nolan North. -Drinking Stamin-Up, "Ohh, I do like ze sound of zis oneit tickles my special place. What forces does Richtofen seek to harness? (getting Rock #2), RATATATATATARAATATATARA!!!! ", "That nasty child touched me, now they will all, DIE, "I WIN! Richtofen: Leave that to me. I think that took off one of my eyebrows!Said after picking up a Nuke power up. What is next?Said after getting kills with the Wrath of the Ancients. I've got nothing to wear! All day long, you'll have a penny.After picking up a part for a buildable. BOW before ze Almighty Doctor!" - Get a Automatic Rifle, "An autopsy is more easily performed with a shotgun" - Buy a shotgun, "A found a piece of ze meteor!" Initiating rocket test.Before the rocket test in the Rocket Pad. Field report. Unt veapon of great accuracy!" I von't go into detail..", "You'd be amazed by zhe depths of zhe pockets in zhis uniform. He speaks in riddles, teasing a promise I fear he cannot fulfill. Where is a simple minded fool when you need one? When Takeo died, I knew I had to try to save them -When pack a punching, Mein god I just realized What if the box runs out of weapons?! Ha ha. ", (When knocked down) "No I'm not ready for Hell. This should see me through the battle ahead!Getting an assault rifle from the Mystery Box. (when the box moves), "But I need your gifts! I don't want this to end and by that, I mean that I don't want me to end -When pack a punching, I can't even remember if I went back and got myself some blood vials. Said after the player completes the naming step in the Demon Gate upgrade.That is my name. - Taking an Upgraded Weapon from the Pack a Punch Machine. No matter. Nikolai: Crazy you may be, but Richtofen's knowledge cannot be denied. Nikolai: I am not sure which Richtofen is most dangerous. You told me you had a message! This cannot be. A vessel that will allow us to literally save our eternal souls. ", (After turning on the easter egg song "Abracadavre") "Ohh, I, (After killing a Crawler) "Look at him, CRAAWLING to his master..oh he's dead. - Kill a number of zombies at close range, "Why don't you shut your ignorant hole, Dempshey? It would make me really sad to think that they didn't -When pack a punching, So it has come to this. It's ALWAYS zhe first priority! A tomb built for kings they would be disgusted if they knew what Group 935 had done with it.Said after entering the Undercroft for the first time. 16 cod richtofen. LET'S DANCE!Said after picking up an Insta-Kill power up. - Kill a Nova Crawler, "STAY BELOW ME, HUNDERWURST!" Eagle's Nest, this is Griffin Station, come in.Said at the beginning of round 4. I've seen this in action before. - Get hit by a crawling zombie, "Dempshey, you are now my favorite" - Killing Zombies with Dempsey, "Can it be? - Large amount of Zombies (10 or more in one room). Everything is fine. Dr. Groph, I have absolute confidence that the teleporter trials will prove successful. heh whew -When killing Keepers. I will proceed with Operation Shield, and join you shortly.After Groph says the MPD is awaiting a conduit. Ja, this makes the BIG holes, I like big holes - When getting a shotgun. *Whispers* I'm such a sinner! DIE!!" A video compiling some of the more suspect lines by Dr. Edward Richtofen in the Black Ops series. Don't worry! - Upon knifing a zombie, Und SCHNELL! - getting hit by zombie and killing it, "Death comes to you minions, be afraid!" - Knifing multiple zombies, "Zey've all gone mad! I hear a Crystal rising. The convulsions are completely normal!- Using the Ragnarok DG-5. 159459165 See this audio on Roblox. "Speed Cola, speed up your life." - Kill Zombies, "Unt fire-breathing shotgun? This is Eagle's Nest, over.After hearing Groph for the first time. - Kill Zombies, "Stalingrad Good memories!" The mission to recover the Dempsey test subject is now in jeopardy. ", (After turning on the power) "The beautiful creatures fall from the sky." ", "Nein! You have torn mein uniform! "How could I be running out of ammo?" "Maxis! - Get the Nuke power up, "More time to play vith my pretty ones!" NEIN! 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